How products are shipped?
We use SA Poribahan/Sundarban/USB to ship. Sometimes we make calls before shipment to confirm.
What is the shipping time?
Normally we try to send out the products on next business day. This means any order received with payment before 10PM will be shipped on next business day. However, actual shipping time depends on may factors and depends on courier service itself. We normally send updates to our customers on order status changes.
What are the ways of payment
We take payment via popular Internet Payment Gateway of Bangladesh, SSL Commerz. Any payment options accepted by SSL Commerz are okey, like credit/debit cards (VISA/Mastercard/AMEX/DBBL) and mobile banking like bkash/roket etc.
Do you accept Condition Delivery?
Due to increased popularity, we are accepting "Condition Delivery" via selected courier service. Please read our "Delivery Information" chapter for a full guidelines on this topic.
Is there any Cash On Delivery available?
Sorry, at this moment we are not accepting any Cash On Delivery for regular customers. You can go for "Condition Delivery" instead. COD is available for ONLY corporate agreements. Please read the "Delivery Information" chapter for more guidelines and assistance
Why don't we allow returns on pet clothing?
Our primary goal is to provide products intact packed, not opened. Once a product is packed, it's packed and it's a new item. We don't want to take back a product returned, then wash it again and re-pack, as that means it will become a second hand product. It's not a custom made shirt for a human rather it's a pet clothing (harness, collar, etc.) which is made with some tolerance, like Large size still is not a fixed size but a range from minimum to maximum size. This means pet items are not "body fit" from factory but you can make it body-fit as per your need, regardless of size. If you select a proper size, so that your pet is within that range, then you should not have any issues. We highly advise to follow the size charts, so that you will select the most appropriate size, and you will not need to make any replace on size issues. Pets are very sensitive specially when that comes to skin insects like fleas, etc. And hence we have to go through a deep disinfection and washing to make it 100% safe for the another pet, and doing so means it will not be a full intact brand new item, faaar away from our commitment. To avoid this confusion, we highly advise to follow the size charts as pet items always comes with a tolerance of range of measurements for a specific size.