About Us

On 2005 banglardamal.org first started its journey as an R&D. With the years passing by, we have studied the technology and changes of technology in the world. During the entire journey, we have gathered knowledge on the field of technology like Datacenters, ICT, Telephony, Security and Surveillance, Signaling, Electronics, etc. Most of our knowledge sources are from various experiment and experiments from core level. Thus unlike many others, we do not just work on the products, rather we provide solutions. And as we like to keep our promise, we mostly provide our products as a garden fresh salad, not from cold storage.

By the end of 2015, we came in live with full commercial entity to give the best as a solution provider with real product knowledge. Our team is consist of Engineers and Technicians from various background knowledge from Railway, Telecom, ICT, Hospitality and with researches well accepted by IEEE.

One fine morning we thought why not having our own online shop to sell products? To be frank, we always were looking for a way to use our own datacenter (aka. baking room) for us, and then decided to have an online shop hosted from there. Now we are using this platform to sell our own products and also some 3rd party products. We do believe in fare business and also commitment is a virtue of us.