Privacy Policy is always respectful to the privacy of others and also very strict in maintaining confidentiality. Our privacy policy does not allows the following:

  • Disclosing any data to any 3rd party be that in free or paid.
  • We do not sell/share email address/cell phone numbers to any 3rd party for mass marketing.
  • We do not keep any record of your credit/debit/any banking cards.

However, we may do the following:

  • We may use the data for our own or our sister concern company's business need to understand customer needs better.
  • We may use the cell phone number/email/any other info related to communication for our own or our sister concern company's communication purposes like promotion, information, etc.
  • We keep record of your transaction for a period of time. This is purely Transaction related data.
  • If government or law enforcing agencies request us for the data that normally is available to us, we are bound to help them.